About Us

The inspiration of the T-shirt line was created in 2008.  The brand was first called the “TparTee Collection It was developed to emphasize the true love of life, highlight inspirational messages, and advancing social causes around the world.  In light of the political sentiments surrounding the “Tea Party”, we reinvented our brand to “4HUMANITEE’s.  The overall goal was, and continues to be dedicated to promoting the, “Tee” through education and fashion for all people to overcome life’s obstacles and Triumph Everywhere Everyday.  

We support entrepreneurism and understand that starting a T-shirt business will require vision, creativity, organization, and time management skills in order to establishoneself as a prosperous business. Believe in your line and be true to your vision.

Our Mission is to use fashion as a platform to spark social change that restores humanity.

We envision a world where Humanity is artistically expressed through fashion to sparks action for social, environmental, and economic empowerment to Triumph Everywhere Everyday (TEE)



We are motivated by people and life’s experiences we believe that personal growth are the first steps toward accessing one’s internal power to overcome challenges. We aspire to assists individuals with identifying their personal strength while uniting people and causes to restore Humanity.

We're socially conscious entrepreneurs embracing “Cultural Community Unity” which is rooted in the belief that "Each Part Helps the Other Parts Grow".   We “Bridge” creative, social designs that bring awareness to our mission and purpose. We understand that respecting, accepting, and protecting diversity can only be achieved through promoting Self Awareness, Self-Worth and Self-Respect resulting in a formation of balance and strength. Collaborating with social organizations to design fashionable tees that promote social change